Clarity at Work

Are you performing at life or living it?

Give yourself the gift of clarity

Coaching for Professionals

Work with me for career development, starting a business or exploring who you are as a leader.

Personal Improvement Packages

From packages of online support to weekends of complete transformation.

Strategy Coaching

Work with strengths. Improve communication, organisation and concentration skills.

Are you...

  • Stressed, busy and overwhelmed?
  • Always irritated or angry with others?
  • Experiencing poor health whether that’s pain or excess weight ?
  • Fed up with work and the career you thought you loved?
  • Disconnected from those around you?
  • Performing your life and not living it?

I can help you...

  • Stop worrying and start living
  • Build stronger relationships with your partner, children, friends and family
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Have a satisfying career that you love
  • Be happy with your uniqueness
  • Be confident to express yourself
  • Know your value, purpose and how to live a life that you want to live
Deal with past trauma that causes negative behaviour like comfort eating and gambling
Hello, I'm Laura.

I support people to build strategies so they may thrive in every part of their life. Sign up to find out more....

What My Clients Have to Say ....

Your approach worked by stealth. After about 4 weeks of working with you I knew I was going to be okay.
Stuart R
Cardiff, UK
I was really touched by your kindness this morning and greatly appreciate your understanding and patience.
Swansea, UK
Laura has helped me find positivity and given me much to look forward to in my future. She is excellent at what she does and above all that has such a kind heart and nature I really feel safe and cared for which is important to me, I am so glad to have met her.
Sally D
Caerphilly, UK
Thank you for your support. It really did make a big difference and I'm ever so grateful for your kindness. I'm aware you went above and beyond, so a big thank you.
Barry, UK