How to make a plan you can achieve

When was the last time you set yourself a target?

Many people I work with set a New Year’s Resolution and a few random goals throughout the year. When I talk to them they admit they have made little or no progress to achieving these goals.


There are a few reasons why we don’t achieve the goals we set:

1. Annual targets are hard to achieve
A whole year seems a long way off. Often motivation wanes and we forget why we wanted to achieve the goal in the first place.

2. Goals are unrealistic
As coaches we will often say “Dream Big” but goals still need to be Realistic. I know that I won’t be taking part in the 2024 Olympics but I could sign up for a race next year.

3. Too many obstacles
Sometimes things get in our way. Sometimes that includes our thoughts. By working out what’s in our way when we initially set our goal it’s more likely you can have a plan to overcome them.

4. Not being committed
You’ve decided that the goal is something you should do and you’re not bought into it then it’s unlikely you’ll stay motivated enough to reach your goal.

So here’s an alternative approach….


Why does 90-Day Planning work?

  • It’s a short enough period to stay motivated and yet see meaningful change.
  • Even though the goal may be smaller than your “Dream Big” goal achieving it will make a difference.
  • You can change your mind without committing to more than 90 days at a time.

How do you do 90-Day Planning?

  • Create a S-M-A-R-T goal
  • What do you want to achieve in 90-days?
  • What do you need to have achieved by 30 days and 60 days?
  • Identify any obstacles that might get in your way and what to do about them
  • Get really EXCITED about what you’re going to achieve

Do you need some help?

If you need help to create your 90-Day Plan then book in with me for a Power Hour. After the session, you will have a clear vision of what you’re going to achieve and a strong sense of motivation to move forward with.

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