Leadership Ready Program

12-weeks - You & Me
Creating your vision, clarifying your professional identity and developing the plan.

I spent 20 years managing people. Firstly as a project manager working in large-scale business change and an operational manager with budget responsibility for £2 million and 200 staff. 

I developed the Leadership Ready Program for those who:

  • Want to move into positions with more leadership responsibility but don’t feel confident enough to apply.
  • Going for the jobs you want but not getting them.
  • Are continuously overlooked for promotion.
  • Have a belief that they can’t earn above a certain amount.
  • Feel that they’re giving everything they have but not getting anywhere.
  • Feel overwhelmed or guilty about wanting a carrier when they also have children.

What you get...

  • 12 one to one coaching sessions delivered remotely.
  • Challenge you to set a clear and ambitious goal.
  • Help you create a professional identity that stands out and gets noticed by the people that matter.
  • Create a planning cycle that allows you to take achievable steps to reach your leadership goal.