Coping Strategy Coaching

Dyslexia - Dyspraxia - Autism - ADHD - Anxiety

Strategy coaching can help you feel more in control and achieve better results in your life and workplace.

These remote, one-to-one sessions will explore individual learning style and personal strengths, and help develop strategies and working methods.

Benefits of Coping Strategy Coaching:

  • Improve focus and concentration.
  • Manage and reduce general or specific anxiety, which may include, social anxiety or social difficulties, panic attacks, phobia or managing emotions when stressed.
  • Feel more confident in social and work-related situations.
  • Learn techniques to increase motivation to achieve goals and ambitions.
  • Develop practical strategies to address concentration, motivation, organisation, planning and utilising your working memory.
  • Improve relationships and find ways to communicate effectively with work colleagues, friends and family.
  • Understand sensory sensitivities and triggers.

What My Clients Have to Say ....

Your approach worked by stealth. After about 4 weeks of working with you I knew I was going to be alright.
Stuart R
Cardiff, UK
I was really touched by your kindness this morning and greatly appreciate your understanding and patience.
Swansea, UK
Your training was really informative. I hadn't even realised that there were different ways of seeing disability. I will certainly be more proactive in removing barriers going forward.
Alex C
Swansea, UK
Thank you for your support. It really did make a big difference and I'm ever so grateful for your kindness. I'm aware you went above and beyond, so a big thank you.
Barry, UK